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James Madison University - Harrisonburg, VA


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Important Dates:

Abby's Birthday: July 18th


Abby's Story:

Bay Leaf has been my home church since I was 4 years old. I gave my life to Christ at Bay Leaf and was baptized when I was 10. Outside of church I went to Lead Mine Elementary and eventually North Raleigh Christian Academy (NRCA) for both middle and high school where I got really involved in musical theater. To this day, I love singing and have gotten involved in a chorale society in Harrisonburg, VA. 

After NRCA, I went to Elon University to pursue a degree in Communications. Before I attended Elon, I knew that getting involved in a Christian organization and going Greek were both things I wanted to do. To some, being Christian and going Greek seemed impossible  To many, that is the case. For me, going Greek was merely a social decision but eventually God would give me a vision and purpose for why he had me in my sorority- to pursue his mission by being both Greek and a Christian. 


It wasn't until the end of my Freshman year that a seed was planted in me for Greek ministry. With encouragement and council from my leadership, I was invited to serve by co-leading an all-sorority bible study my sophomore year. 

I joined Sigma Kappa at Elon University in the winter of 2007. Going in I didn’t see it as a missional opportunity. However the Lord quickly changed my heart. God showed me that being Greek allowed me to be the only ‘face’ of Jesus that my sisters and other Greek friends would know in college. He also gave me a heart to encourage believers who were involved in the Greek system. At Elon I saw God’s purpose in Greek life: to transform lives through relational evangelism,to renew the Greek system through sorority and fraternity outreach Bible studies, and  to develop World Changers through discipleship and leadership training.

This led me to join Greek IV staff my Senior year and receive a year of training as an intern with the Greek IV staff at Clemson University. After that year I was placed as the full-time Greek IV staff at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where I've been for the past three years. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Greek IV's vision is to see Greek's students lives transformed, JMU's Greek system renewed, and World Changers Developed. Pray towards seeing this Vision become a reality. Through our sorority and fraternity chapter ministries we hope to see every Greek 1 friend away from knowing Jesus. To see this happen we want to see chapter ministries(CM) in every fraternity and sorority on campus. Starting in the Fall we will have a inter-fraternity bible study along with 6 sorority chapter ministries start up. Pray that we would start seeing CM start in the 12 Inter-Cultural Greek Council (ICGC) community in any of the 17 fraternities and to see other CM in the other 6 sororities.
  • The best way to stay up to date on how to pray for the ministry is by receiving email updates. You can pray for the things I mentioned above while also praying for me, our Vision Team and our chapter ministry leaders to be faithful and bold followers of Jesus to love and serve the community he has called us to.


  • Annually I have a budget of $54,685 that covers my salary as a full time staff, conference, retreats, ministry costs etc. I'm blessed to have over 80 ministry partners who are partnering financially. This has been an incredible blessing yet I still have more than 30% of my full budget to raise which is around $20,000. I invite you to pray and consider becoming a regular financial partner as well.

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