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Prague, Czech Republic




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Important Dates:

Brian's Birthday: May 3rd

Allie's Birthday: March 25th

Heidi's Birthday: April 14th

Anniversary: April 18th

Brian & Allie's Story:

Allie grew up in Hickory, NC where she graduated from Maiden High School and later earned a BA in Marketing from Lenoir-Rhyne University.  Afterward she worked for a company selling geotextiles and landscape products.  That company later moved her to Raleigh where she met Brian.  Brian grew up in Charleston, WV.  He was homeschooled until college and then graduated from Concord University with a BS in Accounting.  During high school he knew that God was calling him into the ministry, so after college he attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Allie and Brian met at Bay Leaf, began dating and were married in 2008.  


Shortly after being married Brian went on short-term trip with Bay Leaf to East Asia.  After returning he began to pray: “Lord if you want me to go, I am willing.”  This prayer continued for a while with no real guidance or clarity.  The semester at seminary started and God spoke through two different people to make it clear that He wanted them to leave Raleigh.  God gave them a heart for Europe so they began praying over European cities. Through prayer and conversations with leaders of those cities, God called them to Prague, Czech Republic. 

Prayer Requests:

  • God would lead BAM's unbelieving friends to repentance.
  • That God would give Czech believers a renewed passion and fire to see others know Christ.
  • That God would raise up leaders with a desire to lead God’s people on God’s mission.
  • That God would raise up others to join us in planting churches in Prague.

Ways to Connect:

Address: Trnkovo Namesti 1112/3 - 15200 Praha 5
Twitter Name: @bmacpraha
Facebook Page: BAM: Adventures of Brian and Allie McClure
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