“When I heard about the Canada mission trip, it grabbed my heart as an answer from God.  My kids (ages 14, 10, 7, and 4) prepared their testimonies and how to share the gospel with excitement on their first mission trip.  The whole family truly enjoyed every moment; one was a camper, two as group leaders, one an assistant leader, and one a kitchen and craft helper.  We met new people and shared the gospel with them. I strongly recommend this great opportunity, especially to families who have kids. It will surely bond your whole family with a passion for missions!"

- Debbie Kim

Debby Kim.jpeg

“I felt a need to step out of my comfort zone and experience doing something to help teach others about Jesus and His love for all.  I enjoyed getting to know people from Bay Leaf that I didn’t know and meeting new people. I worked in the kitchen and enjoyed seeing the children coming through the food lines. I was a little concerned about how I was going to deal with my chronic back problems, but the Lord took care of that and I was fine. I hope to return.”

- Jeanne Coffer 

“My favorite part of the Canada mission trip was having a whole week to just concentrate on serving my Lord and to observe Him working through various people to proclaim His love and salvation. Doing that in an isolated environment with the joy of fellowshipping with other believers is a real treat.”

- Wade Carter

Wade Carter and Jean Coffer.jpeg

“After my first mission trip to Canada with my family, I continually felt the call to come back year after year. The opportunity to return multiple times has been great—I've watched twelve year olds become leaders and little six year old girls grow nearly a foot in height. Knowing that I'm a part of someone's early life gives me a sense of purpose, seeing how it forces the huge responsibility of choosing what kind of impact I will have on them. In a country with so much darkness, it's my duty to bring the light and try to show those children what a follower of Christ looks like.”

- Emma Ransom

Emma Ransom.jpeg

“My favorite thing about Heroes On The Move is getting to meet so many great new people who have encouraged me in my walk with God.  God has taught me to fully depend on Him for my strength.”

- Bethany Boville

Bethany Boville.jpeg

“I first heard about Heroes on the Move from a friend of mine when I was 11. I went the next year as a camper when I was 12 years old, and decided to go back the year after as a Huddle Assistant. Every year has challenged me in my faith. Being able to share my love for the Lord and my passion for sports with the kids is an amazing experience!”

- Hadassah Dixon

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