All believers want the Gospel to transform the world in which we live;

but are you looking for the Gospel to transform you??

Are you looking for a cross-cultural, hands on mission experience?

Then being a missionary intern may be just for you.


Do you know what a Gap year is?  Would you be willing to take a year off from college or grad school and give to missions?


Then you might be a candidate for a missionary internship through Bay Leaf Baptist Church.

Our missionary internships will give you a taste of missionary life and ministry experience without a long-term commitment; but it may be just enough time for God to use you, to change you, to challenge you, and to show you what’s next in your life.

The Missionary Intern program of Bay Leaf Baptist Church seeks to prepare and develop individuals for Christian maturity through a hands on, cross cultural missions experience that includes the investment into missionaries, ministries, local churches, and local national relationships.

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