Jared & Tara Jones


Takasaki, Japan


Eden (7), Elyssa (5), Elias (1)


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Important Dates:

Jared's Birthday: January 20th

Tara's Birthday: October 26th

Anniversary: June 18th

Jared & Tara's Story:

The first time Tara and Jared met was in Japan as journeyman missionaries.  God continued to draw our hearts together as we served here, but also continued growing our love for this people.  After we returned and were married, God led us to Wake Forest for seminary.  During that time God continued to put a love for the Japanese people within our hearts, and a calling upon our lives to server there as missionaries. Upon graduation from Southeastern Seminary, we were appointed as career missionaries with the International Mission Board and returned to serve in Takasaki, Japan.  We are now here as a family of five seeking to build relationships, grow in the heart language, and use lives and home as a lighthouse for his glory.


Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that God will continue to open doors, open hearts, and help us to proclaim His name boldly, and clearly in the heart language for His glory.  You can also join our prayer newsletter as well as the Japan wide Partners in Prayer newsletter.

Ways to Support/Needs:

  • Japan is a place that anyone can come and minister.  There are opportunities for singles, families, and even those in their retirement years.  It is an environment that is generally safe and easy to navigate.  We feel it is truly a place where families can work together on missions.  Whatever you gifting may be, if you feel called to come on a trip to Japan, there is a place for God to use it.

Ways to Connect:

Email: jaredandtara@gmail.com
Blog: BAM: http://missionjones.blogspot.com/
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