John & Jenni Faison


Raleigh, NC


Jubilee (8-girl), Judah (5-boy), Jael (2-girl)



Important Dates:

John's Birthday: April 4th

Jenni's Birthday: June 15th

Anniversary: December 11th

John & Jenni's Story:

In 1994 God led JOhn to see how Jesus calls the church and believers to be workers in the harvest here in our own country. Since that time, God has moved us to love those who are strangers, or foreigners, from other countries. Jesus has a special love for foreigners, as demonstrated in his teachings. Our desire is to help others to be informed and active in how they and their churches can participate in God's command to love the stranger.


Prayer Requests:

  • We are constantly asking people to pray for hearts to be opened to sharing God's love with those who are around them, regardless of legal status. 

  • We also ask for prayer for finances for the ministry and for others to work with us in the activities we do.

Ways to Support/Needs:

  • We are looking for people to join us in our office setting, for an activities coordinator and volunteer coordinator, graphic/web designer. We are looking for Sunday School or Bible study groups who can open their doors to hearing about God's love for the stranger and would want to share that with others. 

Ways to Connect:

Address: 3033 #3 Stonybrook Drive, Raleigh, NC  27604
Twitter Name: @ciraleigh
Facebook Page: