Lindsay Core


Toronto, Canada


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Important Dates:

Birthday: November 9th


Lindsay's Story:

I attended Bay Leaf as a seminary student and had great plans of moving to NYC or Chicago where I could join a ministry that was involved in their community helping and sharing about God.  I was approached November 2012 about possibly visiting Toronto for a mission trip.  As I began to put my "yes" on the table, my visit became leading the trip, then became moving to Toronto for a year as a children's director for two church plants as part of the Toronto Church Planting Organization that Bay Leaf has partnered with.  I am currently praying and seeking a way to extend my stay in Toronto as I have seen God bless both churches and the organization in size and effectiveness.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for church planters and their families.  Most of them are completely trusting that God will provide financially, rest, people, for growth, and spiritual refreshment. 
  • Pray for the city.  Toronto is a diverse city that believes in accepting all.  The Church has the task to show God's love within a balance of truth and grace. 
  • Pray for me as I face unique struggles in working for multiple bosses, being in a different country, and finding creative ways to relate to people in my community.


  • As a missionary or church planter, having encouragement is necessary to help remind us we are not alone. A note or email can go a long way.  Teams that come to visit and help give man power to our events allow the church to start conversations and hopefully relationships that can continue.  Lastly, church plants are in the process of becoming self sustaining.  We are not able to continue without the generous donations we receive whether it is for specific events or the weekly gatherings we have with our people.

Ways to Connect:

  • Newsletter: Email if you would like to be added to my weekly email update.  I often will tell stories or share what God is teaching me that week.