A Command and Calling

“It is my opinion that you Baptists have created a call to missions that allows you to be disobedient to what God has already commanded you to do.”
                                                                                               Nik Ripken*

Nik Ripken's provocative quote raises an important question about the definitions of and relationship between "calling" and "command" in a Christian's vocabulary. Generally we understand that a command is an imperative statement and requirement from an authority. Calling is often a bit more nebulous. While the command to make disciples is given to the whole church and all who would be called disciples in the Great Commission, "calling," in our common understanding, seems isolated to a select few within the church. Yet we are all both commanded to make disciples and called to follow Christ in doing so. 

Consider calling through the lens of this question: In what avenue or vocation has the Spirit called you to live out the Great Commission's command to make disciples? We are all commanded. We all have a calling. 

Skybridge Community, a community of believers representing the whole spectrum of vocations, provides a network for worldwide missional relationships and resources to equip believers of all vocations and "jobs" to live out the Great Commission in their context. Recently, they posted this helpful blog looking into the nature and meaning of "calling" on a believers life: "Are Missionaries the Only Ones Called?"

Check it out! And consider the ways the Lord is calling you to be obedient to the command given to us to make disciples. In what context is the Spirit leading you to live out the Great Commission?


* Nik Ripken, "Called," Nik Ripken Ministries, last modified July 16, 2012, http://www.nikripken.com/called/