Are You Willing?

I recently had lunch with a friend that asked me to pray for he and his family as they seek the Lord’s direction in their life. They feel called to serve as international missionaries in one of the more established areas of the world, but the leaders of their chosen mission board want them to go somewhere else, to one of the more difficult areas of the world.

This has prompted a great stir in my heart. When we think of the lostness of the world we tend to think of China with 1.3 billion people with little or no religion; or we think of somewhere like India, also with 1.3 billion people who follow the Hindu religion; or we might think of the Islamic world where another 1.5 billion live.

For most of us in the comfort of the South, we see churches almost everywhere we go. In our city there are literally thousands of church buildings. Even is the Northern or the Western parts of our country where we think there are less evangelicals, there are still a lot of churches.

This is not true in most of the world. The truth is that in most of the world, the number of evangelicals still number less than 10% of the population. Even in our country, a so called Christian nation, still has a huge number (percentage) of people that do not know Jesus.

Churches, mission boards, and mission organizations many times pass over these more established areas i.e. North America, South America, Europe, and even parts of Africa. 

Why does Bay Leaf take mission trips to so many different places? We work with our people and with national leaders who are penetrating the darkness with the light of Jesus. It may be in a very modern city like Toronto, or in a dirt home in Mexico or Africa. We may go to the beautiful cities of Europe, or to the megacities of East Asia.

There is lostness everywhere. Where would you be willing to go and take the Gospel? Where would you be willing to plant your heart, your life?