Mission Intern Program

Would you be willing to take a year off from college or grad school and give to missions? If the answer is yes, then you might be a candidate for a missionary internship through Bay Leaf Baptist Church. Our missionary internships will give you a taste of missionary life and ministry experience without a long term commitment. It may be enough time, however, for the Lord to use you, to change you, to challenge you, and to show you what’s next in your life.

In the past few years Bay Leaf Baptist Church has had four interns. Each one has served in East Asia, and worked with national leaders. Two were in a university setting, and two worked at a Training Center.

Today we have one intern in Toronto, and she is helping with women’s ministry and children’s ministry at a new church plant. We also have two young ladies who are working with children under the supervision of some of our national partners in Kenya. We have another young lady who will be leaving in October to serve for a year in Moldova. We also have one couple actively serving in an international neighborhood right here in Raleigh.

We have additional opportunities open to us in many parts of the world, including the United State. Michigan, Canada, East Asia, Mexico, and the Czech Republic are just some of the places where national workers are crying out for additional help.

Will you consider giving six months or a year to serve the Lord in another location?

If you can’t go, would you consider helping to fund someone who the Lord is calling to serve outside of their comfort zone?

Either way, contact me for more detailed information.

Lindsay, a Bay Leaf Missions Intern, discusses her work in Toronto and her gratitude for Bay Leaf's support.