3 Circle - Life Conversation Guide

Most Christians believe in the principal of sharing their faith, yet very few take such opportunities as they present themselves. The reasons are varied: fear, anxiety, a sense of unworthiness, or the lack of confidence in one's ability to share the gospel effectively. Sometimes we fear derailing a good conversation about something else into a monologue narrative of our beliefs, in which we've already decided the other party is not interested. 

What if we became so familiar with how God's promises in the gospel bless our world that the practice of sharing that hope with others conversationally became as easy as 1. 2. 3.?

Pastor Jimmy Scroggins in partnership with NAMB have developed a tool, 3 circles, to teach us a simple way to articulate our faith conversationally. Rather the conversation begins with an assessment of the world's problems or with a confession of a companion's personal struggles, this tool is a great conversation guide. It help others to know the goodness of our God by allowing them to see the world as God designed it, to understand the brokenness of our world today, and to embrace the Gospel which restores the world to God's Design. Join me as we invite others to the Hope greater than any personal despair or worldwide conflict. 

Check out the video below: