Kenya Mission Trip

Today Will Gatling will be leading a team of our homegrown missionaries Sarah Atkinson and Page Reynolds and their moms on their journey to Kenya.  During this trip Sarah and Page will be meeting the nationals who they will be working with over the next four months and Will has the opportunity to preach two days during the Kingdom Conference in the Maasai area.  On August 24 the team will worship with Dr. Julius Mbagaya and the Nairobi Metro Church. Bay Leaf is the sponsor and founding partner for Nairobi Metro Church which is being dedicated on this day. Be in prayer for the team as they begin their travels.

Kenya Mission Trip Prayer Guide
August 2014

Tuesday, August 19 Pray for the team as they leave today to travel to Kenya. The team consists of our two missionaries, Sarah Atkinson and Page Reynolds, their Moms, and Will Gatling. The trip is long, so pray that they would make each connection, and that they will have opportunities to share with fellow travelers about what they will be doing in Africa.

 Wednesday, August 20 The team arrives in Kenya at 8:10 pm.  They will be tired and weary.  Pray for their physical stamina as they prepare for a great adventure.

 Thursday, August 21 This will be our first day in country. Begin to pray for our national partners that will be assisted by Sarah and Page over the next four months – Sha’ Givens, Julius Mbagaya, Margaret Koileken, Taylor and Ashley Hemphill, Bobby and Page Johnson.

 Friday, August 22 Pray for the team as they travel to the Maasai area.  Lift up Will as he will be preaching for two days at the Kingdom Conference.  The theme verse for the conference is Jeremiah 51:10.

 Saturday, August 23 Pray for Will today as he preaches and teaches. Pray for the team as they travel back to Nairobi to learn how to do some essential, everyday tasks like banking, shopping, and travel.

 Sunday, August 24 Lift up the team today as they worship with Dr. Julius Mbagaya and the Nairobi Metro Church.  This new church plant will be dedicated today. Bay Leaf is the sponsor and founding partner for this new ministry.

 Monday, August 25 Pray for these national partners that Sarah and Page will be working with.
      I Can Fly High School - A school for abused girls in Kenya
Nairobi Metro Church – A new church plant near the airport in Nairobi
egacy School – A school for Maasai girls and boys
nterlocking Ministries – A ministry with Bobby and Page Johnson to the people on                                                     Mfangano Island

 Tuesday, August 26 Pray for safety for the team as they transition to the city of Machakos to visit the I Can Fly High School.

 Wednesday, August 27 The team will be in Machakos today and will visit with the school, and meet with local church leaders. The Lord is truly blessing our ministry in this area, so left up these wonderful, Kenyan pastors.

 Thursday, August 28 Pray for the team as they travel to Narok to visit the Legacy School.  The Director, Margaret Koleiken has been a friend to Bay Leaf for many years, and she has graciously agreed to use our young ladies to minister to her school family.

 Friday, August 29 The team travels back to Nairobi to shop and to prepare for the Moms to depart tonight.  Pray for this time of separation for Moms and their daughters.

 Saturday, August 30 The Adventure Begins for Sarah and Page. Commit to daily bringing them before the Lord. Follow their blog at