Why Do We Do Missions at Bay Leaf Baptist Church?

How many of us have been in a worship service or in a Bible study and the words of Matthew 28:18-20 are referenced as the impetus for all we do as Christians, and as the church.  We have heard, but do we understand? We have read, but have they changed our life?

For most of us, we look at our world (our family, our neighborhood, our work place, etc.) and see two kinds of people – those who are Christians, and those who are not interested in the things of the Lord.  This lack of interest many times leads to a lack of action, motivation, and zeal in sharing our faith. We may have tried at some point, but we saw few results and therefore grew timid in our actions.

The truth of things is that most of us live don’t live in the “real”world? We live in a pretty homogeneous world that mimics us.

The challenge is for us to see the world how it really is.  The world is a place where sin is rampant; where social issues are overwhelming; where the lies of Satan are accepted and followed; and where most people are on their way to Hell.

Why do we do missions? Because Christ commanded us to take the precious Good News of Jesus Christ out to a lost and dying world.   

The goal of the mission ministry of Bay Leaf Baptist Church is for this local body of believers to be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to evangelize for our Lord.  We will offer you opportunities to be better equipped, and we will offer you opportunities to serve.

Join us, as together, we take the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard of his saving grace.

Will Gatling
Missions Pastor