I've Got Joy - An Update from Sarah Atkinson

As Sarah Atkinson and Page Reynolds serve in Kenya, you can keep up with them at their website found here.

Recently, Sarah shared about her time serving at the "I Can Fly School."

Machakos by far is my favorite place (besides Nairobi) I have been to in Kenya, and I've been to a pretty good number of places here. You might ask why I love Machakos so much, and even if you would not...I'll tell you anyway...JOY.  It is the pure joy you see on each and every persons face. The pure joy you see when the kids are embracing what you are teaching them at school despite their circumstances and the pure joy on the veggie ladies faces when you purchase one avocado from them for 30 shillings (3 7 cents in america). 

You can find more from Sarah here.

Through their website, you can keep up and connect with Sarah and Page while they serve. Also, you can join with them in prayer as Sarah shared the following requests:

  • The Bay Leaf Mission team arrived safely last night. Please continue to pray for safety, guidance and health throughout their time in country.
  • For Page and I as we are both dealing with bad colds. Being sick in kenya, or anywhere is no fun!
  • The Pastors, Men, Women and Children we will come in contact with these few weeks! That they would be on fire for God and ready to proclaim His mighty word throughout Kenya and Africa as a whole!