Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life is a discipleship platform that seeks the spiritual and physical well being of people in our community.

Many of you may remember the presentation that Gary Freeman, Fatherhood Outreach Coordinator at Gateway Pregnancy and Sexual Health Resource Center, made to us here at Bay Leaf several months ago. In his presentation, Gary described to us the ministry needs and opportunities surrounding the young men and women involved in unplanned pregnancies. Often, the lack of decent jobs, and thus the lack of financial resources, is a key factor in the decisions these young men and women make regarding their pregnancies.

Since Gary's presentation, Bay Leaf leadership has been seeking ways to partner with local Pregnancy centers, including Gateway, to bring hope and the love of Jesus to these young men and women who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Since employment opportunities are so important and yet elusive to many in this situation, we are also partnering with Jobs For Life, a national ministry based here in the Triangle, to conduct Jobs For Life training sessions for clients of Gateway and First Choice who desire to enhance their chances for meaningful employment.

Jobs For Life focuses on teaching important, real world job skills to those whose educational, community, and family backgrounds have left them unable to find employment. More importantly, Jobs for Life is a discipleship platform that provides access to job opportunities in our community through relationships. The success rate of this training approach is impressive and thousands of individuals across the country have received this training and have gone on to find meaningful employment.

As we move forward, there will be opportunities for mentors, course instructors, prayer partners, employers and others to be involved with this effort. While many problems in our culture seem overwhelming, the love of Jesus can shine a light into the darkness when nothing else can.

Consider these decisive steps to be apart of this exciting ministry:

  • Pray for this effort as we continue to investigate the best ways to serve.
  • Reply to Jeff Salisbury at with questions or ideas.
  • Attend a Next Steps meeting on Sunday, November 8 at 4:30 in Room E-312.

In partnership for the Gospel,

Jeff Salisbury