Quick Facts:

  • Capital: Ankara

  • Population: 79.75 million

  • Official Language: Turkish


Turkey is the most western and the most secularized of the Islamic nations.  We have had the privilege of taking the Gospel into this dark land on several occasions.  We work through local leaders to develop and execute Gospel strategy. We are seeking to assist in country personnel to establish relationships that lead to Gospel conversations.


A new initiative was started in 2014.  Bay Leaf is going to assist one of our ministry partners in providing a quarterly business service to local businessmen.  We will partner in the United States with Highmark, Inc. For more information click here.

2016 Dates and Conference:

 February 1 -5    Marketing

April 18 - 22     Finances

August 1 - 5     Human Resources

October 31 - November 4   Strategic Management


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