Ministry Vision

The Missions ministry of Bay Leaf Baptist Church will seek to be the following:

• BLBC would be a praying church dedicated to praying for the nations, and to seeking God’s direction in ministry.

• BLBC would be a church committed to going to those places where there is no gospel witness.

• BLBC would have a commitment to send disciples to the farthest reaches of the globe in order to penetrate previously unreached areas with the Gospel.

• BLBC would be known for sending out trained people to do missions work. 

• BLBC would be a focused church that seeks to evangelize and disciple, and then plant new churches.

• BLBC would be a church that networks and develops strong relationships with other churches of like faith and practice, seeing to partner in sharing the Gospel.

• BLBC would seek to mobilize other churches and people to become full participants in missions. 

• BLBC would serve as a resource ministry that is discovering and developing usable resources for our missions work at home, and around the world.

• BLBC would be a church that is on the cutting edge of new mission methods and ideas; not tied to tradition and methods, but rather bound to the cross of Jesus.

• BLBC would seek to do all its work with excellence, and leave the honor and results to the Lord.