Wes & Michelle White


Valencia, Spain


Weston, Nathan, Jonathan, Carolina


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Important Dates:

Wes' Birthday: May 3rd

Michelle's Birthday: March 25th

Anniversary: May 27th

Wes and Michelle's Story:

Wes and Michelle met and married at Bay Leaf while Wes was serving as the middle school intern.  Even as they got married, they knew they were called to the mission field...they just didn't realize it would take 10 years before God actually opened the doors for them to be able to go.  During those 10 years, they had their 4 children (2 of which probably would not have lived had they been born overseas.)  Looking back, they can see God's hand and timing so clearly, even though the journey along the way sometimes seemed to be confusing.  


Throughout those 10 years, Wes and Michelle continued their ministry with youth/university students and church planting, learning and growing much throughout life's ups and downs.  When the doors finally opened to head overseas with the IMB, university work and church planting were both very strong callings in their hearts. When the doors finally opened to head overseas with the IMB, university work and church planting were both very strong callings in their hearts.  Currently the only IMB unit located in their province, they are breaking ground in Valencia, Spain.  University students in Spain are an "unreached people group," and the city of Valencia has over 100,000 students residing within it's limits.  Their calling is to reach these students as well as families in the surrounding area as they follow God's leading in sharing the Gospel and planting churches.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Wes as he is now the team leader for the newly created "Coastal Team" which includes both Barcelona and Valencia...2 out of the 4 largest cities in all of Spain.  Pray for him has he works out how to implement the vision the Lord has given him for this region.
  • Pray for Interns.  We really need help with university work.  
  • Please pray for the Lord to lead us to believers who have a heart to start a small group. Our vision is to train leaders who will train leaders. 
  • Please pray for doors to be opened to be able to share the Gospel with our neighbors.
  • Pray specifically for the parents of the kids at school.  The Lord has recently opened many doors for us to meet many new people.  Pray that the Lord would lead us to those who have open hearts to Him...that He would deepen those relationships.

Ways to Support/Needs:

  • Prayer!!

  • Short-Term Mission Trips - University/Singles Trip: We are always looking for help from university students/singles to come and build relationships with other students/singles...drawing them one step closer to a relationship with the Lord.

  • Short-Term Mission Trips - Prayer-focused trip: There are many, many pueblos and areas of our city that have absolutely no evangelical presence at all.  Prayer walking and saturating these areas with prayer is a huge part of the process of breaking this hard ground.

  • Interns - (short term or long term) to reach Spanish students/singles (Spanish speaking is preferable!)

Ways to Connect:

Address: C/ Mar de Marmara Nº1, 46120 Alboraya,Valencia, Spain
Newsletter Opt-In: please send a request to: please send a request to: starrwhite@gmail.com
Email: Wes - weston.white@gmail.com   Michelle - starrwhite@gmail.com